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Premium Drifter LP

by Soft Kill

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wasted point of view no ones listening fall into the mold tucked into a book and stowed away I'm hiding the mirror reflect upon your fate it felt too late what mattered has left now set yourself a date to leave this place or be stuck here forever hands cuffed to the door the feeling takes hold now they said they'd make prison walls you know they've been waiting built your prison walls this is your private retreat now needle in your arm the feelings warm slip into fever sickness feels so great it takes the place of people you can't trust so go and push away one every day or be surrounded forever
They're never finished They deliver the final word It rarely felt like it gets heard Dripping drops, expired notions on the burns Review the things you worked to earn These bitter times will wash away Temporary pain that they create They wanted fame they wanted hold of their own place Just to drown in their own lake The things that they will say The things they scream and shout We sort them out Just enemies at play You feed their little mouths Three times a day They shot their guns and we scattered like the birds Avoiding death that we deserved Gripping hold I saw the love that I abused All my dreams just felt absurd I hear the chimes I feel the chill They peer from behind falling walls They wanted pain to compensate for their time They claimed we broke their single law The things that they will say The things they scream and shout We sort them out Just enemies at play You feed their little mouths Three times a day We grew and we changed The things that were about We called them out Just enemies at play You feed their little mouths Three times a day
you should be ashamed for acting foolish tangled in a mess you made that day i reached out and grabbed at a memory lucky to have survived long enough to say the rest of our lives we just stood there watching our loved ones swept away the guilt that i carry for the bodies buried one more chance to say i understand they all died one after another crushed by a wave of constant pain secretly glad that that ocean had not swallowed us as well
some live to sink their fangs and suck the life from living things today is law and what tomorrow brought two days away from an after thought lights flash and sirens ring closing in on the petty things consumed by the truth that slipped away reintroduced the same in different ways they didnt want to starve anymore but it left a hole no one wanted to be there no one could leave behind bars in so many ways a world that turns not mapped in days you can die right where you stand leave this world with empty hands allies are funny things consumed and lost by the petty things you're better off when they slip away just to meet them again under different names
the dreams i could afford your feet they met the floor the chord was dragging down they found you kneeling you called me through the night i didnt have the time buried in my own lies i left you hanging dont question these awful times its just our trouble aging birthed from a different light then we both started fading you hid the truth of your past and crept here just needing a break from your mask and the times left you bleeding out the seams they ripped, we fell and stumbled towards the street how odd it was to be home aching and freezing pulling from filthy pipes remind ourselves to breath lifted into the sky suspended there hanging


A collection of demos written over the last eighteen months, several of which we're intended for "Dead Kids, R.I.P. City". Included are the two tracks from the "Sick Day EP" as well as a couple odds and ends from lathes or limited tour cassettes.

Limited to 150 cassettes (sold out).


released April 14, 2020

All songs by Soft Kill, recorded at HellZone or A-Block.


all rights reserved



Soft Kill Portland, Oregon


  • Oct 21
    Chicago, IL
  • Oct 27
    Los Angeles (LA), CA

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